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The Many Faces of Jim

SPN Fic: Do Not Go Gentle (Pt 2/3, Gen, R, Bobby, John, Castiel)

The Many Faces of Jim Beaver

bobby by keb91

SPN Fic: Do Not Go Gentle (Pt 2/3, Gen, R, Bobby, John, Castiel)

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JDM  JohnLove
Title: Do Not Go Gentle (Part 2)
Author: Dodger Winslow
Genre: Gen
Rating: R for language
Word Count: 28,000
Spoilers: Up to where we are now
Disclaimer: I don't own the boys, I'm just stalking them for a while.

Summary: The fury exhausted him. Drained him. Hurt him. While he might not feel pain in the meat of his dead legs themselves, he did feel it everywhere else. His back screamed in agony. His ribs ached with the morrow-deep misery of being put to a bad man’s boot while his lungs fought to do their job, to pull air in and push it out again ... a task still sufficiently difficult under any kind of duress to remind him that his legs hadn’t been the only casualty of letting a demon slip in under his guard, letting it force its way inside him like he was some kind of sheltered schoolgirl, duped into trusting wolves in the flesh of friends not because he didn’t know any better, but rather because he was just that God damned dumb to fall for the oldest trick in the book whilst guarding against something he’d thought would take a more sophisticated form when it finally came for him.

Do Not Go Gentle (Part 2)
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